XHB Exhibition Status for Entries

Sometimes entries need to be allowed to race, but for some reason you’d like their time to not count. In Referee or Race Directory, mark entry with the XHB Exhibition status. The effects are the following:

  • The entry can still be timed via Finishlynx or iPad Timer app
  • The time will be marked with an XHB status on the results but the time will be shown
  • The entry will be moved down to the bottom of the results with other non-OK status entries
  • The entry will NOT be given a numbered place in the final results
  • The entry will NOT be progressed via the automated progression system.

Effect of XHB

This special status is similar to relegation in that it shows the time and moves the result to the bottom of the flight, but siffers in that REL allows placement and progression while XHB prevents placement and progression.

Effect of Relegation

Plasma Results

A plasma version of the new realtime results pages shows just the last 9 races and automatically updates within milliseconds of the times being taken on the finish line. The link to this page is now available in the Info tab in Race Director. Copy the link and paste it into a browser.

Pro Tip!!! An easy way to get the link is to go to the public HereNow race list, open up the results link in a browser, and then simply change the last part of the URL from “results” to “latest”.

Course Creation Tool

New course view in Race Director allows you to lay out a course either visually on a map or by inputting the key GPS coordinates for the race course.
Add in the GPS coordinates for the starting line, finish line, and the areas around them. This information is used to process information coming in from Boatspeed or CrewNerd.
See the race course creation documentation for more info

Release Control for Heat Sheets

You can now release the schedule at one time and then release the bow numbers at a later time. In Race Director on the Info page, look at the access section.


Check the Schedule Published checkbox to release the schedule to the public by making it visible on the race list.

Effect of Schedule Published

Check the Heat Sheets Published checkbox to make the heat sheets and results pages viable to everyone on the race list.

Effect of Heat Sheets Published

See the Scheduling documentation and Lane assignments documentation for more information.